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Whether your finished novel or script needs refinement, or you’re just starting your story and want help developing themes and characters from the very beginning, I can give you a fresh perspective.

Or perhaps your project is complete and ready to be shared with the world, but you’re feeling intimidated by crowd-funding and the challenges of self-publishing? I’ll coach you through it.

Want to tackle your business strategy, brand management, and planning? Let’s lay out a path that helps you achieve your goals, but keeps your life balanced and healthy.

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– Project and Story Development
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– Crowd-Funding Coaching
– Creative Career Planning

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My Experience

My name is Robin Childs, and I have a wide range of experience both technical and creative. For over a decade I’ve written and illustrated various comic projects, producing over 1000 comic pages, not to mention hundreds of thousands of words in the form of script and short stories. You can find my current story, LeyLines, online.

When it comes to editing the work of others, I have honed my critique skills by providing feedback to hundreds of creators, covering everything from prose and comics to animations and radio dramas. I specialize in developmental editing, focusing on theme, characterization, story structure, and world-building.

As for crowd-funding, I’ve run two successful Kickstarters and one unsuccessful campaign, meaning I can share with you not only tips and tricks, but mistakes to avoid. I’ve also coached other creators to success. As a former Engineer, spreadsheets and cost calculations pose no threat to me, and together we’ll make sure that your estimates and goals line up with your project’s needs. I’m happy to coach people through their first Kickstarter campaign, helping them plan for (and manage) success.

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I always start with a conversation to understand your goals and match my skills to your needs. We can talk on a phone or Skype call, or a live text-based chat. Email correspondence is also an option. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. Just use the form below to contact me (or email me at and we’ll set up a meeting! Want to know more about the process? Take a look here for a full description of how we’ll work together.

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J. Kevin Carrier

Creator of Lady Spectra & Sparky

J. Kevin Carrier has been creating comics to share with the public since 1991, but for years one script had sat untouched, with nothing to “set it apart from the zillion other superhero stories out there.” Looking for an outside perspective with a different style of writing than his own, he reached out to me for help. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:
Lady Spectra and Sparky

…Once you had the script in hand, you seemed to ‘get it’ instantly, and zeroed in on all the trouble spots with laser-like precision…The notes you sent back were exactly what I needed to flesh out the characters and give the arc more emotional ‘punch’.

I liked that you were able to point out flaws and suggest possible solutions without trying to take over and re-write the thing for me…it’s still my script, only better…Your service gets my highest recommendation.”

Read the full interview here!
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Dawn Griffin

Creator of Zorphbert and Fred who ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that over-funded by 143 percent.

Dawn Griffin is a seasoned creator with over 20 years of experience making adorable and hilarious comic strips. However, crowd-funding was new to her and she wasn’t sure how to approach it, what to charge, or if her idea to make plush toys of her characters would even work. As a team, we changed how she viewed her project and made sure the amount she was raising covered everything she’d need to succeed.

You took the reins where needed, and let go when you knew we had control. You knew the hole we brought you aboard to fill, and had the knowledge and confidence to do just that…I would have under-charged…I would have wound up paying out of pocket expenses…Thanks to you, I should have plenty of extra cash leftover to achieve my goal of having extra plushies to sell at shows!”

Read the full interview here!
Keep in touch with her on Twitter @dgriffstudios!

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Joel Mercer

Joel rediscovered a passion for comics later in life and was eager to tackle an ambitious new project based on the classic Alice in Wonderland. However, after two years of research he found himself battling with an unwieldy script and a seemingly insurmountable narrative. Having found a mentor, he’s now making consistent and meaningful progress on the first of many exciting projects!

Robin’s experience in the field of comics and writing has transformed my ability to work through a project. Having someone there that understands the challenges I am facing in trying to realize this story has proved to be invaluable…One of the biggest reasons I chose Robin as a creative consultant is her commitment to providing the best service she possibly can, and it is her diligent integrity that makes me look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.”

Read the full interview here!
Support Joel’s Alice in Steamland or check out his Illustration Portfolio!

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Krystina Atkins

Creator of Soul Bound

After losing her drive for an old story, Krystina wanted a fresh start to create a new comic she’d love making. However, she could never get the vital feedback on her work to feel confident about moving forward. When my editing services were recommended to her, she decided to reach out for help. Now she’s launched her new comic Soul Bound!

You’ve helped me create a story that is manageable, and yet still full of all the aspects I originally envisioned. My characters are all rounded people with consistent personalities, and best of all I know I have a helping hand for when I get started on the next part of this story. You were professional, but not stand-off-ish; I never felt like I was being demeaned or talked down to, you were always walking with me down this path. And I have written something I’m genuinely happy with because you supported me, not “helicopter parented” me. Thank you.”

Read the full interview here!
Read her new comic Soul Bound, or connect with her on Twitter and DeviantArt.

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