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1st (Free) Live Conversation

We’ll start out by scheduling a live call or text-chat. If you have a strong preference for email correspondence only, we can also begin that way. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

This first conversation is all about YOUR goals and vision. I want to understand what’s important to you about this project, what you want to do with it, and the themes you’re trying to explore with your story. I want to help you realize YOUR dream, not impose my own ideas about its purpose or message.

This conversation helps me understand what I should focus on during my review, or as I help you plan your crowd-funding campaign.

Reviewing Your Work

If the client has something they want me to critique, whether it’s outlines, scripts, prose, character designs, or page layouts, they usually send it to me after our first conversation. I’ll look over the material, take notes, and write up a report on my observations and suggestions.

Effective critique has several key components:
1. Specific
2. Balanced
3. Actionable

My reports focus on these three components. I will highlight aspects that you’re doing well, as well as areas that need improvement. If I identify a problem, I’ll always make sure to pin-point it with as much precision as possible. Not only that, I’ll include suggestions on how to address the issue. If possible, I’ll provide more than one possible solution.

After receiving the report, clients have the option for in-text comments on their work, or for a follow-up call or chat for clarification and brainstorming.

Crowd-Funding Campaign Planning

If your project is already done and you need help with campaign planning, the process will be a little different. There are lots of little steps to setting up a campaign, not to mention promoting it. We’ll talk about what aspects you’ll want to tackle yourself, and the kinds of support you need.

Some of the services I offer:
– Kickstarter or IndieGOGO page set-up and graphics
– Budgeting and funding goal estimation
– Reward selection and graphics
– Reward staging strategy
– Stretch goal strategy
– Promotion techniques for social media & beyond

Adapting to Fit Your Needs

Sometimes a client and I will go through several rounds of revision working on drafts and revisions. Other times, our work will focus on live discussions more than text review. I have clients that send me their in-progress novel chapter-by-chapter, and others that only share completed drafts. Others are working on their story outlines and character designs.

Every creator is different. That’s why my first call/chat is free, so we can figure out what the best fit is for you.

Let’s get started today!

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